The Truth of Joining eXp Realty as a New Agent in 2024

joining exp realty

Our path to Joining eXp Realty is different from most. After seeing the opportunity that eXp Realty offers, we sold our profitable franchise to join.

During this time, we have seen brand-new agents and part-time agents succeed through very specific steps.

My mentor, at the time when I was a brand-new real estate agent, ended up growing from 72 homes in his first year to over 180 in his second.

More impressively, his real estate team is now one of the Top Teams in the entire country!

And, for the past Decade has been!

So why do some brand new real estate agents fail and others thrive?

Not everyone’s tale will be the same.


Even though eXp Realty is the most agent-focused and high-value firm in real estate, some new agents may not find it to be the best place to start.

While we absolutely love eXp, and enjoy helping new agents achieve new heights of success, it is not beneficial to just anybody that will not take advantage of the training, and it is not a good match.

There are many real estate firms available to choose from.

So, should new real estate agents join eXp Realty?

Let’s discuss.

If the below describes you, you should absolutely be considering eXp Realty:

Firstly, let me say this:

We love our brokerage and this real estate company! The mission, the commission, the strategy to change and disrupt the antiquated real estate brokerage model—everything about it.

All of the following agents have a clear monetary benefit and value proposition from joining exp Realty over a traditional real estate brokerage:

After this last full year at eXp Realty, we are positive that EVERY agent listed above, should be at eXp Realty for their Freedom, Success, and Future Growth!

If you do not fully understand why, call us to take a much closer look!

But the one question we get is about new agents joining eXp Realty.

Let’s take a closer look below at the pros and cons of eXp Realty VS the Traditional Brokerage as a new agent entering the real estate industry.

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Pros of Joining eXp Realty as a New Agent

Some of the Bigger Pros of Joining eXp Realty as a New Real Estate Agent:

Assigned Local Mentor: So often, new agents are left to flail when first starting out.  Newer agents are assigned a local mentor on their first three transactions.  (More if Wanted or needed.)

LIVE TRAINING: Not only will you receive 86+ hours of live training in the eXp world, but agents in our network also have the opportunity to learn daily through live training, including private groups. Collaborate and learn in a virtual environment, and you are no longer limited to what your local broker can give you and train you on.

Team Support: Choosing the right sponsor will magnify your success as a new agent at eXp Realty.

Your mentor and network, both senior partners and junior partners, should be providing you with courses, tools, training, coaching, mentorship, and weekly masterminds.  This goes above and beyond the value eXp Realty is already providing new agents.

Ownership of the Company and Your Brokerage: One of the most exciting aspects, and what brought us to eXp, is the ability to be an owner.

On your first transaction, you earn shares.  This means you are an owner.  eXp is not a franchise.  The Broker of Record, Managing Brokers, and Staff work for you.

You own eXp Realty,LLC shares, and a part of Commercial, Luxury, Global, and the ever-expanding, growing list of subcom

panies as a shareholder.

Maximize profit from the beginning: 80%–100% commission and a very low $16,000 cap.

You will make more money from day one. That is a great way to begin your journey.  Learn more about the cap and commission splits.

Flexibility: Agents can get support, train, and close transactions anywhere they have access to the internet!

Building Financial Freedom: eXp Realty gives you multiple avenues to earn income and passive income as a new real estate agent, including in an agent equity program.

This means you have the ability to earn stock options (NASDAQ symbol EXPI = eXp World Holdings) and revenue share (NOT profit sharing).  These are simply industry game changers if you want to create financial freedom while you are selling real estate.

The Best Option for New Agents and Part-Timers: So many real estate agents start out as part-time agents.  It just happens to be how many start out.

Very Powerful CRM with Leads: kvCORE is part of the package, which provides websites syndicated to local multiple listing services, free and paid lead generation tools, marketing automation, drip campaigns, and customer management.

There are so many tools that new agents can use to make an immediate impact and grow.

Accessible Support: Throughout the world, you will have administrative, financial, IT, legal, contractual, and staff members who are easily accessible in several ways.

They all work for you; you are part owner of the brokerage.

Joining a Team: New agents joining eXp Realty may also have the option to join local exp Realty Agent production teams.

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CONS of  Joining eXp Realty as a New Agent

Is “in person” important to you? Unless you join a local team, once you are fully on board, there are no required in-person events, meetings, support, or training.

That being said, there are many live events that you can attend, but they are not required. These are opportunities that can help you partner up with other agents in your market without joining a local team.

No one will force you to attend.

Mentor Matching: Everyone has a different type of personality and style.

Sometimes it may take a while to get perfectly matched up with a mentor.

It is easy to be reassigned.

You Get Out, What You Put In: You can be given the roadmap for success, the training, tools, coach, and support, but if you do not go out and take advantage by putting it into practice, eXp Realty will not be the place for you.

No “Office-Based” Support Normally, some brokerages that decide to make the change to eXp Realty keep an office.

While not common, because we do not pay for office overhead, most agents do not use offices.

If a workspace is needed, eXp Realty provides free access to shared space at REGUS.

If you have not heard about Regus workspaces, contact us to fill you in on how great this option is.

Sponsors, what they do, and what they are: Sponsor choice in joining eXp Realty absolutely matters.

It should be the real estate agent that most influenced you to join exp Realty.

By demonstrating to you that they will provide direct support in perpetuity and significant value.

Success as a New Agent at eXp Realty, LLC

Success leaves clues.

There are a few traits that a real estate agent will need to be successful.

This holds true for any real estate brokerage you decide to join.

Traits of Success:

Without action, you will not see results

Understand these because it is crucial.

joining exp realty as a new real estate agent

Education must come first.

You have several avenues when it comes to education:

  1.  Access to the Greatest Education: Live Training from Top Agents from Everywhere!  Literally
  2.   Training from the World’s top-producing real estate agents
  3.   A Desire to become  more educated Learners are earners, and the amount of education a brokerage provides only matters if you take advantage of it!

Combining a desire to learn with high-level training is a recipe for becoming a very successful real estate agent and entrepreneur!

Finding the Right Mentorship Support is Key

It does not matter how much you know if you do not have the right support network of like-minded real estate entrepreneurs to help you thrive!

Joining eXp Realty, you have tons of people and ways to get proper support:

  1. You are assigned a Local Mentor for the First Few Transactions
  2. Your State Broker, Local Broker, and staff
  3. Your Sponsor and Sponsorship Network
  4. Your Senior Partners
  5. Fellow Agents on Workplace—Private Local Group
  6. Local Team Support
  7. Live Events

It is easy to get lost.

After Joining eXp Realty, you have a sponsor who is available to direct you in the right direction.

Your local mentor is the person who will give you the time needed to succeed through the first few transactions.

When you join eXp Realty as a new agent, you will be paired with a local certified mentor.

This is the person who will give you direct, initial guidance.

Depending on your style, you may need to shadow in person or attend meetings.

Whatever it takes, the mentor is important for every single new agent.


No matter where a new agent decides to join, what it comes down to is that you are running your own business.

You get out what you put in in multiples. You decide how much action to take, how to generate leads, and how to serve your clients.

You have to be willing to take action on the education and mentorship that you put in with training, building a social media presence, branding, and implementing specific strategic systems.

Obtaining a real estate license is the easiest part of the business. The real work begins after you join the brokerage that fits you.  New agents that put action into their businesses are successful anywhere they go.

Do you want to reach success faster with a blueprint already completed for you?  Joining a Brokerage is a small step, but extremely important!

New Real Estate Agents Join eXp Realty?

If you are not afraid to take consistent action, then, unequivocally, yes!

Not all brand-new agents with little to no experience will do well and succeed at eXp Realty right away.

Anyone who has actionable steps and a blueprint can absolutely do it!

You can obtain six figures in no time at all, just like our network has.

Our senior partners are literally one of the top teams in the entire country!

eXp Realty’s model is specifically designed to be more agent-centric.

This is designed to create significant growth and financial freedom for a successful real estate agent.

eXp Realty is by far the best choice for agents who are seeking unlimited growth, the opportunity to create financial freedom through Real Estate, and Flexibility with their business

Whether or not you decide to start your career at eXp Realty, many agents will make the transition to eXp.

The overall value is just too large.

If you are good at overcoming the cons and have no problem with them, you will do better than fine at eXp Realty as a new agent.

If you have the added support and incredible value of a great sponsor, you will do even greater!  Learn more about eXp Realty and our network!

Join our FREE Monday Mastermind.  Completely brokerage-agnostic to get a feel for how we operate.

Interested in joining the absolute best real estate brokerage for compensation, agent growth, and the biggest opportunity in the world, Partner with the Best Sponsorship Network as well!

If you are thinking about Joining eXp Realty, Contact us Today!

Access to Free Tools, Coaching, Partners, Masterminds and tons of other resources are free to use for your success!

This is on top of the resources you get after joining eXp Realty.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss!

John McLain

Team McLain brokered by eXp Realty