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Join Real Broker in 2024 EXCLUSIVE Opportunity

Exclusive opportunity to join REAL Broker in 2024 and take a step, towards enhancing your career in the Real Estate industry.

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Picture yourself in a real estate profession where your abilities are not just acknowledged but set free. Say goodbye to the confines of brokerage setups and welcome innovation, assistance, and exceptional growth prospects. This isn’t a off aspiration—it’s an achievable reality awaiting you.

In the changing realm of estate connecting with a brokerage that comprehends and foresees the future is vital for any driven agent. Your choice of brokerage can propel you forward or hold you back.

Enter Real Broker; a force in real estate brokerage models crafted to empower agents like never before. With cutting-edge technology, a thriving community, and a business strategy that genuinely prioritizes your achievements Real Broker stands out as the guiding light for the generation of real estate experts.

Embark on your journey as a Top performing real estate agent. Join REAL Broker and Learn More!

Navigating the realm of real estate agencies to find one that aligns with your goals and principles can be quite the challenge. But Real Broker isn’t another name in the field; it’s a movement. Let me share why Real Broker stands out and is reshaping the definition of success for real estate professionals nationwide;

Embracing Technology from Day One at REAL Broker

At the core of Real Brokers’ innovation lies its dedication to technology. In a time where efficiency and accessibility reign supreme Real Broker equips you with cutting-edge tools and platforms that simplify the buying and selling processes. From a user app that keeps you connected to clients and listings while on the go to CRM systems that assist in nurturing leads and closing deals swiftly Real Broker ensures you stay ahead of the game.

Unrivaled Flexibility and Income Potential

Real Broker values work and talent, by offering rewards. Unlike brokerages that rely on outdated commission structures and desk fees, Real Broker presents a flexible commission model crafted to optimize your earnings.
Real Broker offers earnings splits and the chance to earn stock options linking your financial progress directly to your own achievements, not just the company’s profits.

A Supportive and Collaborative Environment

What makes Real Broker stand out is its community of agents and brokers. It’s not, about competition here; it’s a network built on collaboration where success is celebrated together. Whether it’s through networking events training sessions with industry experts or everyday interactions on the Real Broker platform you’ll always have support. This nurturing atmosphere not only promotes development but also fosters meaningful connections that enhance your career.

Dedicated to Your Professional Growth

Real Broker is committed to helping you grow as a real estate professional. With access to education mentorship programs and a wealth of resources, you have the tools to enhance your skills and services. Whether you’re new, to the field or looking to advance your career Real Broker offers the foundation and guidance needed to reach your aspirations.

Expanding Opportunities Nationwide

As Real Broker expands its presence rapidly across the United States and Canada joining means becoming part of an evolving network of opportunities.
Having a presence, across the country not opens up referral opportunities for you but also gives agents a unique advantage to establish their brand and expand their reach in various markets.

In an industry for transformation, Real Broker stands out as a symbol of innovation, support and triumph. By opting to become part of this looking brokerage you’re not just changing your career path; you’re stepping into a future where your possibilities are limitless.

In a profession where progress can sometimes feel like navigating a maze joining Real Broker provides a direct route to achieving success quickly. Here’s why transitioning to Real Broker could be the spark that drives your career forward at a pace and with efficiency than ever before;

Embrace State of the Art Technology

In today’s dynamic market environment having access to cutting-edge technology isn’t just an edge—it’s essential. Real Broker’s commitment, to tech solutions, puts you ahead of the competition. From AI-powered analytics that forecast market trends to virtual reality tours that bring properties to life for buyers, Real Broker arms you with the tools to effectively meet the modern client’s demands.
Enhance Your Earnings by Joining REAL Broker

REAL Broker’s commission structure ensures that more of your earned money remains in your pocket. This empowering setup does not boost your income. Also provides opportunities, for growth through stock options and revenue sharing. As you advance in your career your financial security and potential for wealth creation grow, making REAL Broker a smart investment in shaping your future.

Flourish in a Community of Excellence

Becoming a part of REAL Broker means immersing yourself in a community of professionals united by a shared mission; to redefine success standards in the real estate industry. This community thrives on support, knowledge exchange, and collaborative efforts. Here valuable insights and experiences are freely shared, fostering an environment where everyone can succeed collectively. The exceptional culture at REAL Broker acts as a catalyst for advancing your career through achievements.

Infinite Opportunities for Advancement

At REAL Broker the sky’s the limit when it comes to advancing your career. The brokerage’s extensive network and resources offer pathways for specialization leadership roles and entrepreneurial pursuits that surpass models. Whether you aspire to dominate your market expand into territories or establish a team, within the REAL Broker framework the platform is designed to nurture and grow alongside your ambitions.

Expanding Across the Nation Impacting

Real Brokers growing presence, in the United States and Canada provides networking and referral opportunities. With a reach and a deep understanding of local markets, you can truly make a difference where it counts most all while connecting with a wide network of professionals who share your goals. This combination of knowledge and nationwide connections gives you an edge in your career allowing you to serve clients better and establish yourself as a reliable real estate advisor.

When you join Real Broker it’s not about switching brokerages; it’s about taking your career to heights. You’re embarking on a path that offers top-notch tools, support, and chances that are tailored to propel your success. At Real Broker reaching the level isn’t just an option—it becomes your reality.

Succeeding in the real estate industry requires more, than ambition; it calls for a foundation that nurtures your growth recognizes your efforts, and utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep you ahead of the game. Real Broker understands these requirements well. Has designed a platform that not only boosts your business but does so by offering unmatched freedom, financial rewards, and innovative tools.
Here’s how Real makes an impact, for both agents and teams;

For Agents;

REAL Broker Commission Splits Agents and Teams

Enhancing Financial Structure; Reals financial model aims to increase your earnings. With an 85/15 commission split and a reasonable $12,000 annual cap, you’ll soon reach a point where you retain 100% of your commissions. A transaction fee. This setup ensures that as your business grows you directly reap the rewards in your income.

No Monthly Fees; Real Broker removes the burden of fees to support you as a partner truly should. By eliminating fixed costs you can focus more on investing in what counts—expanding your business and catering to your clients.

Clear Transparent Expenses; After reaching the cap expenses are simple; a $285 transaction fee and $125 lease transaction fee along with a $30 BEOP fee, per transaction. These fees cover services without cutting into your profits.

Initial and Yearly Charges; With a $249 registration fee and a $750 annual brokerage fee (spread over your three transactions each year) Real ensures that joining and staying with the company is hassle-free.
For Teams;

Customized Team Assistance; Teams benefit from an 85/15 profit split. With limits adjusted to reflect the work; $12,000, for team leaders and $6,000 for team members. Once these limits are reached a full 100% split is applied, recognizing the team’s accomplishments.

No Monthly Charges, Clear Transaction Costs; Maintaining consistency in the structure teams are not charged fees. Transaction fees beyond the limit, registration fees, and yearly brokerage charges align with those of agents to uphold simplicity and transparency.

Incentives for Leadership; Acknowledging the role of team leaders in driving growth Real mandates that team leaders achieve $5 million in sales or 25 transactions within the 12 months as a benchmark for experience and success. Moreover, team members contribute 10% of their earnings to the leader as a reward, for leadership and assistance.

The Real Edge; Whether you’re an agent aiming to optimize your income and autonomy or a team seeking a platform that appreciates and rewards achievements Real Broker offers the resources, technology, and conditions to transform your aspirations into reality.
With Real, you have the flexibility to work from any location using commissions and advanced technology tools to establish your business on your terms.

When you team up with Real Broker you’re not just becoming part of a brokerage; you’re selecting a partner dedicated to supporting your development and triumph. The REAL approach is tailored for real estate professionals who are willing to imagine an efficient way of conducting business—one that appreciates hard work values adaptability and offers the technological advantage required in today’s market. Whether you’re working independently or leading a team Real Broker serves as the starting point, for your ambitions empowering you to expand and grow your real estate enterprise like never before.

Earning Additional Income by Joining REAL Broker

The Revenue Share initiative at Real Broker presents a chance for agents and teams to increase their earnings by leveraging their connections demonstrating Real’s commitment, to building a culture of cooperation and mutual success. This innovative program is structured to recognize your contributions in expanding the Real Broker community providing a scalable method to benefit from the growth you help create. Let’s delve into the specifics of how you can access these earnings through sponsorship and joint sponsorship;

Individual Sponsor Revenue Share

join REAL Broker Revenue Share

Maximize Your Income Potential; As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue for every agent you recruit to join the Real Broker team building an income source that grows alongside your network.

Level 1; Once you sponsor one agent Level 1 is unlocked allowing you to receive 5% of the company’s commission up, to a limit of $4,000 per agent. This level serves as the starting point for your revenue-sharing journey. Rewards you from the agent you bring on board.
Additional Levels; As your network expands so does your earning potential. With levels ranging from 5% down to 1% of Reals commission share your income opportunities increase with each agent in your network. To unlock these levels you need to sponsor five productive agents with the maximum amount per agent per year decreasing as you progress from Level 2 ($3,200) to Level 5 ($800).

Co-Sponsor Revenue Sharing

real broker co sponsor revenue share

Boosted Opportunities through Collaboration; Co-sponsoring agents present another way to earn revenue shares offering support, for your colleague’s growth while also benefiting from the growth of the Real Broker community.
Tier 1 from the start when you co-sponsor one agent who generates business you’ll receive 2.25% of the company’s share of the commission capped at $1,800 per agent annually. This tier. Appreciates the teamwork involved in expanding the Real Broker family.

Progressive Earnings; Similar to sponsoring an agent as more agents come on board through your sponsorship efforts you advance through additional tiers. The percentage gradually decreases from 2.25% in Tier 1 to 0.45% in Tier 5 with the maximum amount per agent per year decreasing from $1,800 to $360.

The Impact of Your Network When You Join REAL Broker

Real Brokers Revenue Share program not only motivates brokerage growth through your connections but also enables you to create a substantial passive income stream. Each tier represents a level of accomplishment in your sponsorship endeavors recognizing and rewarding both collaborative achievements.

This evolving revenue-sharing model encourages agents to not only concentrate on their sales but also contribute to the overall expansion and vitality of the Real Broker community. It embodies a partnership where the success collective offers everyone an opportunity to reap rewards from the network they play a part, in the building.

Whether you choose to sponsor or collaborate with others Real Broker provides a way to boost your income while contributing to a thriving real estate community. It’s an opportunity to be part of something where each new member you bring in can open up paths, for financial success and professional satisfaction.

Having a stake in the company you are helping to create is not gratifying but a game changer in the real estate field. Real Broker has creatively designed its equity-sharing program so that agents are not just involved in the company’s achievements but are also beneficiaries and participants. By offering shares in The Real Brokerage Inc. (traded as REAX on NASDAQ and TSX) Real empowers its agents with a chance to increase their wealth and ownership in the company’s future. Let’s delve into how you can seize this opportunity and truly possess a portion of Real Broker.

Acquire Stock at a Reduced Price Through Commissions

Investing in Your Future; Real Broker simplifies the process for agents to invest in their future by enabling them to set 5% of their commissions for purchasing REAX stock at a discount. This innovative initiative not only enriches your investment portfolio. Also aligns your financial progress, with the company’s prosperity.
By enrolling in this initiative you’re not just earning commissions; you’re also establishing term stability and securing a share in a company that values your contributions.

Acquire Stock through Caps and Agent Recruitment

Recognition, for Achievements; Once you reach your cap Real Broker acknowledges your success by granting you stock shares. This gesture demonstrates your dedication. Also deepens your connection to the company’s overall prosperity. Additionally, when you play a role in expanding the Real Broker team by attracting agents you receive additional stock rewards further integrating you into the company’s growth and accomplishments.

Elite Agent Stock Recognitions

Celebrating Excellence; Real Broker goes the mile to honor the achievements of its agents with Elite Agent stock awards. Agents who achieve production milestones can earn up to $24,000 in stock. This tiered recognition program aims not to reward performance but also to cultivate a culture of excellence and ambition, within the Real Broker community.
Join REAL Broker. Own a stake, in your company’s success with agent equity opportunities. By participating in Real Brokers stock plans agents not only receive rewards but also secure a tangible share in the company’s current accomplishments and future potential.

The approach to agent equity at Real Broker including discounted stock purchase incentives for capping and recruitment and Elite Agent awards showcases a looking model where agent achievements and company expansion are closely intertwined.

When you invest in REAX stock as a Real Broker agent you’re investing in a company that you actively contribute to building. It signifies your belief in the company’s vision, leadership, and the collaborative efforts of its agents. With Real Broker it’s more than earning commissions; it’s about claiming a stake in an expanding business—a step towards a future where agents play a role as partners in their brokerage’s prosperity.

Real Broker stands out in the real estate sector by offering agents both earnings and long-term equity in a traded company. This unique combination presents an opportunity for agents; not only to advance their careers but also to have ownership, in the industry’s evolution.

Joining Premiere Group, at Real Broker is not a step towards aligning with a dynamic brokerage; it’s an opportunity to be part of a leading force in the real estate industry—a Mega Team that provides exceptional support, resources, and growth prospects to its members.

Let’s explore why this partnership signifies a chance for agents looking to elevate their careers highlighting advantages like lead generation, personalized websites, and premium programs such as access to a hi.fello account for listing leads and the renowned CRM system Follow Up Boss.

A Hub Overflowing with Opportunities; Premiere Group at Real Broker

More Than a Team; When you become part of Premiere Group you’re not just joining any team; you’re joining a family committed to your success. As a Mega Team Premiere Group utilizes the Real Brokers platform to offer agents an environment tailored for advancement and triumph.

Unrivaled Lead Generation and Assistance

Leads Driving Your Success; Through the platform Premiere Group ensures that you always have opportunities at your fingertips. This system acts as a magnet, for leads attracting clients and funneling these connections directly to you.
With a hi.fello account, for managing leads the team ensures a flow of clients significantly improving your chances of finalizing deals and increasing your income.

Cutting Edge Technology and Resources

Utilize Top of the Line Tools; In today’s dynamic market having the right resources can make a world of difference. Premiere Group equips its agents with access to Follow Up Boss, a top-notch CRM in the real estate field. This efficient tool streamlines your processes keeps you organized and ensures no opportunity slips by. It’s about working not harder. And with Follow Up Boss you’re always ahead of the curve.

Comprehensive Assistance and Training Programs

Progress through Guidance; Recognizing that success in estate goes beyond closing deals. It’s also about growth and improvement. By becoming part of the team you unlock a range of learning materials mentorship initiatives and training workshops tailored to refine your abilities and advance your career. Whether you’re new, to the industry or aiming to propel your career up the ladder Premiere Group provides the path to reaching your aspirations.

Joining a Mega Team, like Premiere Group offers a sense of community and collaboration allowing you to interact with driven professionals who share insights, strategies, and achievements. This supportive environment fosters both success and team growth enabling everyone to reach milestones together.

When you become part of Real Broker with Premiere Group you’re not just gaining access to leads and tools – you’re becoming a member of a community dedicated to redefining success in the real estate industry. From lead generation websites to top-notch CRM technology and a culture focused on growth and support the benefits of joining Premiere Group are evident. It’s an opportunity to advance your career increase your earnings and join a team that is setting the standard in estate.

By aligning yourself with Premiere Group you are embarking on a path filled with opportunities, for progress supported by leadership and an active agent community. In this environment success is not just acknowledged; it is nurtured through every resource, lead, and program designed to propel you towards your objectives. Joining Premiere Group, at Real Broker offers you the chance to envision a future where your career has possibilities and your potential can truly shine.

In the realm of estate aligning yourself with a brokerage that not only supports but also elevates your career is essential. Opting to join Real Broker and enhancing your journey by becoming part of Premiere Group presents an opportunity that goes beyond what traditional real estate models offer.

Real Broker brings innovation to the industry through commission splits, cutting-edge technology, and a culture that nurtures growth and collaboration. With perks like equity share revenue sharing and access to tools such as Follow Up Boss Real Broker ensures that your achievements are both acknowledged and rewarded.

Premiere Group takes this commitment further by fostering a community built on success providing access to leads via innovative platforms like and uniting a team dedicated to reshaping the definition of success in real estate. By joining Premiere Group at Real Broker you’re not just affiliating with a brokerage; you’re becoming part of a movement that values individual agent growth as fundamental, to success.

Elevate Your Career to New Heights; Here’s your chance to envision a future where your aspirations are not only, within reach but also backed by top-notch industry expertise. Whether you’re intrigued by the approach of Real Broker or the collaborative strength of Premiere Group, the path to a real estate career is crystal clear.

Don’t let conventional limitations hinder your progress. Get in touch with us to set up a call or meeting and explore how joining Real Broker and Premiere Group can revolutionize your career, income, and overall lifestyle. Your journey toward becoming a real estate standout starts now. Let’s embark, on this journey together and unlock the opportunities awaiting you in the real estate realm.

Book Your Call Today. Take that stride toward a future where your career has limitless potential, supported by the ingenuity and camaraderie of Real Broker and Premiere Group.

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